We use military techniques
to transform effectiveness

Our motto at CounterStrike is “BATTLE READY”. Our resilience training, talks and workshops deliver what you need to face the inevitable challenges that your dynamic environment throws at you.

Our bespoke training focusses on the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual components of increasing performance under pressure.

Our methods are not mere ‘theories’ – they are battle proven in the crucible of combat where the penalties for failure are higher than any other human endeavour. The training is delivered directly by those that have been there, done it and brought back hard-won lessons. With the advice of experts across industry, those lessons have been distilled into principles that you can immediately implement in your organisation.

Whether you require training in physical, emotional or intellectual problem-solving, our military methods will help you transform your effectiveness and get you BATTLE READY for the next challenge.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about our ‘3 Fold Remedy’ to building resilience and how it may help your organisation.



At CounterStrike we put teams through “The Mill”. "The Mill” is the name we give to our team training days designed especially to place teams under pressure, building confidence through experience. Without pressure and shared experience of challenge, the potential of team members remains untapped, with individuals being unaware of how much they are capable of. By going through “The Mill”, team members have a collective challenge that becomes a resource to pull on for future achievement.

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Because our training is based on problem-solving, we are also able to use our skill and experience to identify practical methods of growth in your business. This is not just ‘what to do’ but also 'how to do it’. Crucially, we also identify potential threats to the business in the future and build contingency plans to break out if these happen.

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Many people want to improve themselves to be better leaders, better businessmen and women, more effective thinkers and have more personal power.

The truth is that for all of us, life is a race against time and often we only truly understand something when it is too late to do anything about it.

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The core team at CounterStrike are Ian and Richard Lawrence and John Lansdowne. This unit provides the foundation for every project and we bring in specialist consultants to advise on a project by project basis. This flexibility allows us to get the right people working to help every business and the core personnel allow us to build a business relationship with clients that promotes good ideas and fast implementation.


Counterstrike is the inheritor of a history of business consultancy that goes back over 50 years. Over the course of this time, experience after experience has built up a formidable range of skills in assessing and analysing what steps need to be taken to help a business grow and succeed. A common factor throughout our history has been the way that we help people in key positions maximise their potential.


Industrial Control Consultants

The aim of ICC was to extend the established techniques of work measurement, quality control and production management and find methods to dramatically increase the efficiency of industry.

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The Warrior

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