03Corporate Performance

Our Mission

“To improve business performance by making companies and individuals Battle Ready”

Plan of Action

CounterStrike undertakes a two day on-site assessment and produces a comprehensive report detailing areas for improvement with a fully costed and scheduled recommendation for how that can be achieved.

What ‘Battle Ready’ Means

The term ‘Battle Ready’ means an ability to act and react to changing market conditions, having the agility to recognise opportunities and turning every crisis into a creative advantage.

Every Team Member is part of the Mission

In focussing companies on the core function of ‘Work Winning”, CounterStrike identify how every individual in the team has a role to play. In essence – every team member is a salesman for the company.

Our Difference

CounterStrike are able to improve your business by taking an unbiased, pragmatic and above all, creative approach to increasing your profitability. For businesses that need an edge, CounterStrike provide the focus you need to make permanent gains.

Because of our experience and strategic focus, our reports detail not only how to improve now, but what to do if the situation changes for example, a competitor opens up next door. These contingency plans ‘bulletproof’ your business and give you the confidence to plan for the future. Only by planning for the ‘worst likely scenario’ can we feel fully committed to the present.  

The First Step

To make your business ‘battle ready’ contact our Operations Officer for an initial visit. This visit, which is without charge, allows us to see if we can help you. It also allows you to decide if you would like CounterStrike to make a full report on your business. At CounterStrike, we will only recommend a full report is done if we see the potential to grow your business beyond 20% based on our recommendations. This ensures that the process is worthwhile for every client.


To get in touch with our Operations Officer, Richard Lawrence, please use the form below.

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