05Our Consultants

The core team at CounterStrike are Ian and Richard Lawrence and John Lansdowne. This unit provides the foundation for every project and we bring in specialist consultants to advise on a project by project basis. This flexibility allows us to get the right people working to help every business and the core personnel allow us to build a business relationship with clients that promotes good ideas and fast implementation.

Richard Charles Lawrence


Richard was the Operations Officer of Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan at the height of the campaign against the Taliban. On leaving the Army, he sought ways to bring his experience and knowledge to business to increase performance. This process included becoming an award-winning salesman and then sales trainer and being asked to consult and train managers. Richard designs and delivers our bespoke training courses and is in demand as a keynote speaker and media personality. His book 'Awakening The Warrior' was published in early 2018 to critical acclaim.

John Lansdowne

Sales Director

For two decades John worked for some of the UK’s leading FTSE 100 and 250 tech companies. With extensive experience in relationship management, sales and customer engagement, John is able to shape the CounterStrike strategy using the diverse range of skills he brings from the corporate world. He is committed to understanding who CounterStrike can help most and how he can make a difference to the mindset and abilities of the teams and individuals that CounterStrike works with. John and CEO Richard have been training partners in martial arts for many years and bring that spirit of cooperation and personal development to every project.

Ian Phillips Lawrence

Senior Consultant

Ian has decades of experience in helping firms of all kinds to radically increase sales and turnover. From such extensive and varied experience across the sales, manufacturing, retail and service industries, Ian has the clarity of vision to identify the most profitable courses of action to take. With this history of proven results, Ian’s creative input and practical methods of implementation can transform business and drive sales growth to new levels. From pioneering sales and marketing techniques in the late sixties, to running successful business of his own and helping others to excel, Ian’s wisdom and ideas continue to generate growth and profit in the contemporary marketplace.


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