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At CounterStrike we put teams through “The Mill”. "The Mill” is the name we give to our team training days designed especially to place teams under pressure, building confidence through experience. Without pressure and shared experience of challenge, the potential of team members remains untapped, with individuals being unaware of how much they are capable of. By going through “The Mill”, team members have a collective challenge that becomes a resource to pull on for future achievement.

"The Mill” Training Days consist of Intellectual, Emotional and Physical challenges. These include; individual and group formal timed planning tasks with presentations and full debriefs, individual and team timed improvised solutions to planning tasks and physical challenges based on self-defence. It may be that you would like a single training day that encompasses all three elements. But as our training is bespoke you may wish to focus on a single element, whether physical, emotional or intellectual resilience. Our team will design and deliver talks or workshops based on your needs.

Talk is cheap and easy, but real results are got by performing at higher levels than we thought possible.

“The Mill” Training Days come in three levels of intensity:




"The Mill” training days can be held at our facility in Liverpool or, if suitable, your place of work.

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